The automation and control philosophy of UAS is to incorporate the best of the existing development methodologies and tools to provide our customers with easily understood and maintainable systems that extend from the plant floor, through management hierarchies to senior management, to enable corporate enterprise accessibility.

UAS Automation products offer the best in extensibility and upward migration of features and the best in security for our customers as well as conformance with national and international standards for true global enterprise-wide integration.

Our services include among others:

  • Plant Automation
  • Cost Efficient PLC Installation and Programming
  • Custom Software Applications
  • Custom Built Electrical Panels, Reduced Voltage Starters for large AC Motors/Field Wiring, UL/CSA Certified
  • Consulting (Power Distribution/Automation/Control)
  • Motor Control – Design/Installations/Service
  • Machine Installation/Upgrades/Commissioning
  • Power Factor Improvements – Electrical Energy Savings
  • New Building Electrical Installation and Electrical Design
  • Preventive Maintenance and Repairs
  • Trouble Shooting
  • Parts and Labour Warranted for 1 (one) Full Year